How to build RSS Feed reader in Windows phone using App Studio

Everyone wants to build his own app for window store and it’s like a dream to build his own app. A developer can easily do that but a non-technical has much difficulties.

Microsoft launched a tool called App Studio which allow non-technical to develop his own app without any programming skills. This article will guide you how to develop your windows phone app using App Studio.
Let’s start building RSS feed for MSDN Blog. Make sure you have a proper RSS feed. Do to link below for RSS Feed of MSDN Blog.

RSS Feed for MSDN Blog

For next 20 minutes forget you are a programmer and have skills to build app using Visual Studio or any other tool.
If you don’t register for this tool go to link below and register yourself for free.


Once you create account or login with your account you can see home page. Here you can chose different template for creation of your app. So, select “Empty App” as shown above.


By clicking on create button you create an Empty app with no title and description.


This is the main screen of your app development tool. Here you make different changes regarding your app.

1. You give a title to your App.
2. In “Content Tab” you can create Main sections for your app.
3. In “Basic Sections” menu you can relate your Main section with your basic section like RSS, Html, Youtube etc.
4. In “Advance Sections” you can give menu and collection for your Main Section.
5. You can add “Basic Section” and “Advance Section” by clicking on them.

For the purpose of MSDN Blog we can Rss sections.
1. Rss (for MSDN Blog).


By clicking on “Rss” you see a window with “Add Rss section” title. Here you give section name, link for MSDN Rss Feed (given above in article) and click on “Confirm” button.



After giving detail about your sections you will see section added in your app and you can also preview. You clearly see “Main sections” with “Basic sections”.

Note: Very important to click on “SAVE” button at the top right of your screen.


You can also edit your sections by click on “Edit” as show in figure below. You can change the section name, layout of your section and also App name. If you edit some staff you must again click on “SAVE” button.


In “Themes” tab you can change your app style according to your mind. 

1. Change background color of your app.
2. Change foreground color.
3. Change application bar color.
4. Change your theme style.
5. Click on save button after editing.


In “Tiles” tab put information about your app for windows phone tiles screen. I select “Iconic Template”.

1. Insert logo with 340*340 px.
2. Give some main information about your app.
3. Click on save button.


In “Publish Info” tab you give some more stuff regarding your app. Click on save button in the end.




By clicking on “Finish” button , you see a window with your final preview of your app. Follow instructions as fellows.

Build your app

Now that you have finished your app it’s time to bring it to life. Once you generate it, we provide you with three download.

1. An immediately installable package that you can load onto your Windows Phone 8, Windows 8.1 tablet, or Windows 8.1 PC.
2. Publish packages that you can take to Windows Phone Store and Windows Store to publish
3. The complete source code that you can edit in Visual Studio



By clicking on “Generate” button you will see a window for your desire platform and again click on “Generate” button.



Here you see the package is created and you can use it for further use.




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