How to Add Google Voice to Google Chrome

Google Voice is a voice mail service that allows free transcription of incoming calls, as well as special over sea rates. You can install this service directly onto your Google Chrome browser.You can speak into your Google Chrome browser to do things like search, get directions, and send messages. For example, you can ask Google what the weather will be like tomorrow, or have it set up a reminder for you to pick up laundry detergent at the grocery store.

  • Open Google Chrome and type in Google voice Chrome.


  • Click on the “Google Voice” chrome web store selection.


  • Click the “Add to Chrome” button in the top right of the screen that appears to begin installation.


  •  Check to see the Google Voice option is active in the extensions screen. You can also access additional option here.



  • Click on the Google Voice icon that appears in the top right of your Chrome window to get your last voicemail entries along with their transcriptions.Click the play button to play each one. You can also click “options” to access additional options.

2014-08-29_1939At the end you can also enjoy google voice that inform to incoming call from google,hangout .


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