How to Block a Website in All Web Browsers

Perhaps you’re disciplined and want to block a website from yourself.  Maybe you’ve the proud owner of a child who surfs the web for less than appropriate material. Whatever the reason, this action will require you to edit your Host file. Your host file is a computer file used to store information on where to find a node on a computer network

  • Open Windows Explorer and type in C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc. If Windows isn’t installed on the C: drive, substitute the C: for the appropriate drive letter.


  • Double-click on hosts and open the document using Notepad when Windows prompts you. The hosts file tells the system what it should do when specific domains or IP addresses are accessed. This is the file that you are going to edit.
  • If Windows automatically redirects you, or if hosts opens in another program, simply open Notepad (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad) and then go to hosts by clicking File -> Open inside Notepad.


  • Locate the line “ localhost” or “::1 localhost.” Put your cursor at the end of whichever line is lowest down.
  • Press “Enter” to create a new line.


  • Type in whichever website or websites you wish to block. You can add any site, but you’ll will need to preface it with “”.
  • To block the website for example, just type in “” followed by a single space, followed by “”.
  • Add all of the site’s domains, especially mobile domains, on new lines. Your computer might block “”, but not “” if you’re not careful. This is an easy workaround for the experienced computer user.


  • Click “File -> Save” in order to save the hosts file. If a prompt comes up saying that you cannot save the file because you are not an administrator, you’ll need to change the administrator permissions to include you.


  • Right click on the hosts’ file, choose Properties -> Security and make sure all the boxes are checked in your user account. This should allow you to save the file as an admin.


  • Click on Edit and allow control to the user and click on OK to save file.


Otherwise, save the file to your Desktop and drag the file to where it needs to be. This should be a good method to save you data any kind of data which you want to avoid from your child and this is also helpful in organization to increase their work .



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