How to Create a Website Shortcut on Your iOS Home Screen

If you use or open a specific website like Facebook, Twitter, frequently, then you may need to open that site quickly. If so, you need a shortcut of that website in your Apple iPhone, iPad or iOS. This shortcut will open that website immediately. This article will show you how to create a website shortcut in the home screen of iOS or iPhone.

  • Open your safari browser from your iPhone home screen.



  • Visit or open the website that you need to add to the home screen. Wait until the site loaded completely. Tap on the menu icon.



  • Now in the Safari menu, tap on the “Add to Home Screen”



  • Now give your chosen website an appropriate name and tap “Add”. The character range of the name varies 11 to 15. If you enter more character it will only display 11 to 15 characters with trailing …….. sign.



  • After taping the Add Button, you will reach the Home Screen where you will see your new website shortcut is placed. It looks very similar to other normal



This is very helpful to those user whose use iPod,iPad,iPhone and Mac to make shortcut of any website that use on regular day.Because they can easy access to their work without loss of time and waiting for open the website completely.Every type of user can take benefit from that article to make their life and work easy.  


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