How “Windows10” Technical Preview watching your every move to get feedback…

Microsoft announced the next version of its Operating system, dubbed Windows 10, providing “Windows 10 Technical Preview” release under its Insider Program in order to collect feedback from users and help shape the final version of the operating system, which is said to be coming sometime in summer 2015. The Technical Preview requires users to register with the Windows which allows users to submit their own feedback about the operating system.

Well, how many of you actually read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents before downloading the Preview release of Windows 10? I guess none of you, because most computer users have a bad habit of ignoring that lengthy paragraphs and simply click I Agree and then next, which is not at all a good way.According to the Privacy Policy the company is collecting things like text inputted into the operating system, the details of any/all files on your system, voice input and program information. Continue reading